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From music phones and Newman buttons about Internet value-added services
22 2021-09-07
Music as offering a free "hardware" the standard is enough to attract eyeball - in every purchase music depending on the full screen video membership service (490 yuan), the hardware price straight down 300 yuan; And one-time buy five year free membership hardware (super, super TV mobile phone fee each stack). This perfect to cater to the Chinese people love showed, for "free" the word can‘t resist the psychological. At a draught dizziness brain under the heat will be tempted - think of those who have been buying $0 contract machine.

But unlike operators to provide contract machine, communication services than video services, the former can be said to be just need, while the latter was not absolutely inseparable from the rigid demand of users. Especially in the network video platform so rich now, there is love in the youku, potatoes, sina video, sohu video, tencent video and so on, a transverse comparison, le networks is no absolute advantage in terms of video content. Not only that, there are a few days ago reported that youku potatoes will and love in the merger. Although love in the gong yu, chairman of the subsequent through weibo denied the rumors, but the relevant person in charge of youku potatoes ambiguous response is intriguing "this is the core company secrets, the company in addition to a handful of high-level, no one can know the news". In fact, the Internet industry had been dismissed as rumours of mergers and acquisitions were eventually become a reality for many times, such as drops a merger with fast, fair and 58. If youku potato merged with love in the really, so happy apparent domestic situation of video website will be even more difficult.

What‘s more, if the user wants to get free music depending on the phone, and must be a member of the it signed for five years. Who knows what will happen in the future five years the domestic video industry, who can predict the state administration of radio, and no one can guarantee that the user wants to watch TV programs can have been seen in the video platform. This year, according to relevant personage love in the exclusive copyright of the XiaoSong legendary "next year is likely to be dragon TV purchase to copyright. If true, the hit from the loss of love in the talk show and corresponding the show‘s fans are likely to lose.